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When I write a book my main motivation is to entertain myself. I believe that if  am entertained then other people will be too. I like to make people smile and, at the same time, to make them think. I sometimes enjoy being a little controversial as there is nothing worse than boredom. So if my books inspire people and make them smile, I have achieved my goals.

My first published book had two titles, in fact, it was two books in one. In English, the title was Don’t give me the cold shoulder and in Spanish, No Me Des Calabazas. These two titles are colloquial translations of each other. The book is both a learning tool and a funny look at proverbs, idioms and sayings in the two countries. We translate English and Spanish sayings both literally and colloquially. There are also sections about movie titles, animal sounds, tongue twisters and more.

My second book, entitled Spain is Spain, is a collection of short essays on topics concerning Spanish culture; civil servants, driving, football, music, holidays and many more. The short articles were translated into Spanish by my friends and students, who then argued against my attacks on their culture. It is a bilingual book, so again it is helpful to students of Spanish and English, as well as being funny (I hope!)

My next three books were bilingual children’s books in the series, Marvin The Magic Pillow. Marvin first meets Amber, then in book 2, Miguel and in book 3, Joan. In all of these books, the children find out about Marvin’s magic powers to make their dreams come true. The readers smile, laugh and enjoy the messages as Marvin impacts the lives of the children he meets.

As a writer, I am generally locked up in an attic all day working on my projects. I have very little human contact and this sometimes makes me sad. So, if you would like to brighten up my day, please write to me. Tell me what you think about my books, honestly. Write a review if you feel inspired. Tell me what you would like me to write about, or what you would write about if you had the time. I love hearing from my readers and I will certainly reply to all of you who write.

If you want a signed copy, just ask! If you have any questions, just ask! Writers love it when their readers contact them, it makes us feel wanted and loved.

  • Observational writing Monogamy and Music and other musings about life

Monogamy and Music and other musings on life. Humour. General non-fiction. 92 pages. Illustration by Dawn Larder. Free eBook. Paperback Price $7.99 

This book is a collection of short pieces of observational writing. Martin sees the world through his own personal viewpoint and writes about things that inspire him. Maybe they will inspire you, anger you or make you smile. The important thing is to have some reaction, and you will. 

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  • Spanish English No me des calabazas

Don’t Give Me Pumpkins/No Me Des Calabazas. Humour. Education. Bilingual (Spanish/English). 220 pages. Illustration or designs by Kate Napier-Brown. Price $9.99 

Are you fed up of not being able to communicate well in Spain/England? This is a bilingual book which translates proverbs and sayings from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, both literally and colloquially. This is to help people communicate colloquially when they travel. There are also sections concerning tongue twisters, movie titles, animal sounds and more. The book is both funny and didactic, as literal translations often make no sense. The book was featured at the Madrid Book Fair and sold very well.

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  • spain is spain social docummentary

Spain is Spain. Social commentary, humour. 200 pages. Cover design by Patricia Tesan. Price $8,99.

Spain is a country of many contradictions. This is a collection of short articles about Martin’s observations about different aspects of Spanish life; civil servants, football, music, driving etc. Translated into Spanish by Martin’s friends and students, who then argue against his attack on their culture. It gives the reader insight into Spanish life and, hopefully, it also gives them a good laugh.

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Marvin the Magic Pillow series. Childrens bilingual (English, Spanish). Illustrations by Patricia Garcia de las Heras. Price $4.99.

  • marvin the magic pillow meets amber

Marvin the Magic Pillow meets Amber. A bilingual story book about a magic pillow who changes the lives of the children he meets. All children have fantasies and dreams. When they sleep with their head on Marvin, he reads their dreams, and the next day, amazing things happen to the children.

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  • story book marwin the magic pillow meets miguel

Marvin the Magic Pillow meets Miguel. Miguel is a Spanish boy living in England. He is unhappy because the children laugh at his accent. One day, Amber invites him to her house to play and she gives him Marvin. The next day, Miguel is a new boy!

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  • children bilingual marwin the magic pillow meets joan

Marvin the Magic Pillow meets Joan. Miguel goes with his family to visit a school in Uganda. There he meets Joan, a very poor, but a happy girl who has a problem. Miguel gives Marvin to Joan and the next day something magical happens.

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  • Children's Poetry Alan the Allien

Alan el alien. Childrens. Poetry. 16 pages. Illustrations by Dawn Larder. Price $4.99.

First in a series of humorous rhyming stories about creatures from A-Z, colourfully illustrated. Alan wants to see what life is like on earth, so he goes to the zoo to see some earth animals. He is disappointed because the animals he goes to see are not there.

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