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Martin Brown-Writer around the world

I love writing, pure and simple. I write first for myseIf, but, having completed an article, story, poem or book,  if I find that other people are also entertained by it, imagine my sense of happiness.

When I am writing I try to make people think about topics, some serious and some not so serious, a mix of humour, social observation, political opinions. I try to write in a way that is both amusing and, in some way thought provoking, useful or educational. 

My readers have often told me that they really enjoy how I challenge their ideas about life.

My bilingual books can be a great aid to both adults and children who want to practice and improve their English or Spanish language skills and who want to, at the same time, smile about the world. My children’s books, some of which are bilingual, are presented in an illustrative and didactic way and are a fantastic learning joy for the little ones. 

There are so many reasons why I choose to self-publish my books, instead of trying to find a publisher. The main reason is that I want the freedom to publish what my readers like and what I want, not have to conform to someone else’s ideas about how my thoughts should be presented. With self-publishing, I have total control over content, style, illustrations, covers and much more. 

I am a very happy, positive person. When I see a problem that I can help with, I make myself available. I co-founded a charity in Uganda, Infancia Uganda, three years ago to help and support children and women in a village there. I try to talk to people and to offer advice based on years of life experience. I am about to start a course in hypnotherapy so that I can help people with more serious problems, like anxiety.

My hobbies are observing people, sport, music, travel and music, a lot of music.


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Creative resume

1970-1979 Freelance music writer and poet. Various articles and poems published in different magazines and journals in the UK. Melody Maker, Sounds.

1979-1999 Freelance music writer for various magazines and newspapers in California. Bam, Music Connection, What’s Happening, Live.

1999-2005 Founder/publisher of Live Magazine, a free monthly music magazine focusing on the local music scene in Orange County, California.

2002-2007 Founder/Producer of the Orange County Music Awards, an awards show to support and celebrate the huge music scene in Orange County, California.

2008-2015 Writer of bilingual adult and children’s books in Spain. Five books published.

2008-2015 English teacher in Madrid, Spain.

2013-now Co-founder of Infancia Uganda, a charity which supports children and women in a small village in Uganda.

2015-now Writer, living in UK.



1999-Milton Berle poetry prize, USA.

2011-Lifetime achievement award, OCMA.


Books published

2009 Don’t Give me the Cold Shoulder

2011 Spain is Spain

2013 Marvin the Magic Pillow meets Amber

2014 Marvin the Magic Pillow meets Miguel

2014 Marvin the Magic Pillow meets Joan


Upcoming books

2016 Alan the Alien

2016 Monogamy and Music, Collected Blogs

2016 Marvin the Magic Pillow meets Brett Jr.

2017 Many, many more projects.



Alliance of Independent Authours

Cheltenham Writer’s group

Cheltenham Children’s Writers Group