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Movies that you should see

Which movies should you see?

I recently purchased a special card with Cineworld which allows me to see an unlimited number of movies for a relatively small monthly fee. Now

Now this can be a little dangerous of course, I may become an addict, but I’m much too busy for that, writing wonderful children’s books mostly! What has happened though is that I have been to see movies that I may not have normally paid to see. After all, a trip to the movies is not cheap, so paying £10 to see crap wouldn’t make sense.

I draw the line, of course, at action movies. I can never justify investing two hours of my life (two hours that I will never have again) watching numerous people being slaughtered, numerous buildings blowing up or numerous cars chasing around all over the place for no apparent reason.

I will now tell you about a couple of movies that I have seen recently, which may not have appealed to me, but which I took a gamble on, and won.

The first is called Trespass Against Us. This is a low budget, quality film about a family of petty criminals living in caravans in rural Gloucestershire. The patriarch, wonderfully played by the very versatile Brendan Gleeson, his son, equally well portrayed by Michael Fassbender and the grandson, played terrifically by Georgie Smith. Fassbender’s character is trying to escape this gypsy life, but his old man makes it very difficult for him.

This is a wonderful little film with humour, meaning and even a car chase for you action junkies.

The second film I saw is called Get Out and is written and directed by Jordan Peele, best known as an actor before. The story begins as a white girl is taking her black boyfriend to meet her parents. She tells him not to worry about racist values, as her parents are very liberal. They arrive, everything seems great and then things start to happen that seem a little odd to the main character.

It’s difficult to be more specific without giving away the story, which moves along very well with lots of interesting twists. At the end you are left (well, I was left anyway) with some thinking to do!

So after you have seen La-La- Land (ok but overrated) and Moonlight (stunning) give these smaller films a look before you go home, rescue the babysitter and read my books to the kids

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