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Expat experience

As a writer, I have had extensive experience of interviewing people. Rarely has the boot been on the other foot! But last week I was interviewed by Barbara Padilla from the website Bristoleños.

This is a website/blog/community of Spanish expats living in Bristol, and around the UK. They were interested in my book, Spain is Spain, and in reading about my British expat experience, living in Madrid for 7 years.

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It’s always quite complicated living abroad when you don’t know how bureaucracy works, how to buy a bus ticket or how to interpret local slang. After seven years in Madrid, I still never learned anything about the intricacies of the civil service and the total lack of care/knowledge/assistance of its employees. I hope that the Spanish experience in the UK is better! But I did learn how to buy a bus ticket in Spain; you buy it on the bus! Imagine that!

In the interview, I had to try very hard not to do the asking because old habits die hard! But Barbara was determined to get to the truth about me and my motivations for writing this book.

My motivations were clear, to me anyway, I wanted to bestow my totally unwanted opinions upon a totally unsuspecting world! Armed with nothing but my words and a few Spanish friends, I proceeded to destroy their culture. They, cheerful Spaniards all, slowly came to the realization that my attacks were of a humorous nature, not to be taken seriously and were certainly open to rebuttal. So rebut they did, with style and humour.

The result is a highly entertaining book, Spain is Spain.

Who speaks Spanish? If you do you may enjoy this interview with me, click here. 

You can now win a copy of this book by entering in the raffle. Would you like to read the first chapter for free? Then follow the link.  

You can, of course, buy the book here.

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