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Love Vs Football – Happy Valentines Day

Hmmm, OK, we basically have to acknowledge the existence of this day. One thing that I was thinking about today is the absolute stupidity of the English Football Leagues and UEFA. There is an almost full programme of matches tonight, both in the Champion’s League and around the domestic leagues. Can you just imagine the conversations going on in homes all around England (the Scottish FA is more astute, there are only two matches north of the border.)?

Her: Happy Valentines Day my love

Him: (panicking) Ummm, oh yes, happy Valentines Day darling

Her: Because we live in a modern society of complete equality I have decided to organize a special romantic surprise for you tonight. I hope you haven’t arranged anything too?

Him: Well, yes, I had arranged something actually.

Her: Oh, how sweet you are, but would you mind terribly if we did the thing that I have arranged? Can you cancel your reservation?

Him: Well, it’s a bit difficult now, could we do your thing tomorrow?

Her: Oh no, I’m afraid not; it has to be tonight, could we do your thing tomorrow. Or even next week because darling, it’s really valentines every day for us isn’t it?

Him: I’m afraid I can’t change the plans for tonight; I’ve already bought the tickets.

Her: Tickets? Oh darling, were you going to take me to see Dirty Dancing? You’re so sweet.

Him: Well, no, but we could go next week if you like.

Her: OK, then tonight we can do my thing, perfect.

Him: Actually no, I have tickets for the match tonight, in fact I will have to leave very soon to catch the coach, a bunch of us are going together. Sorry, but it’s an important match. I should be home by about 3am. It’s in Manchester.

Her: Oh, OK my love, you enjoy it. Don’t hurry home because I will certainly not be here when you arrive.


“Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.” – Albert Einstein

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