Bedtime book Bobby the blobfish

Children’s Bedtime Book release very soon

Following the stunning success of my children’s book Alan the Alien, the first in a series called Amazing Animals, the second book will be released very soon.

Titled Bobby the Blobfish, it is a rhyming poem, beautifully illustrated about a fish out of water.

In 2015 the humble blobfish, which I am thinking many of you have never even heard of, was cruelly voted the world’s ugliest animal. Can you even imagine the ignominy and shame felt by blobfish the world over at this title? Well, I say the world over but blobfish actually only live in two places in the world. The vast majority of them live in the deep waters around Australia; there is one though, who somehow managed to emigrate. He lives quietly in Swindon, England. There he lives a more or less normal life, normal job, normal friends, he even plays football for his local team.

Blobfish children's stories

Even in Swindon though, Bobby is sometimes subjected to beauty discrimination. It’s a sad commentary on contemporary society that we judge books very much by their cover. Bobby is a lovely person and, if people give him a chance they will discover his inner beauty.

This is a book which children will love for its lovely story and beautiful illustrations. Parents will also appreciate the subtle humour of the book as they sit down at bedtime to read to their little angels.

Childrens Bedtime book Bobby

So, if you enjoyed the Alan the Alien experience, you will also love Bobby. If you didn’t know about Alan, you will soon have two wonderful new bedtime books to read!

Coming next month you will also have the chance to meet Carla the Chameleon, but that’s a story for another day!

Sweet Dreams Family! 🙂


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