Christmas Poem

Dear Santa

Christmas Poem

Dear Santa Claus, I’m writing this today

To let you know that I’ve been very good.

I’d like to ask if there is any way

That, if I leave you extra Christmas pud,

You could leave me something that I need?

I know you try to satisfy desire;

My lovely Hope and I have both agreed,

While we sat sipping wine beside our fire,

That what we want is freedom in the world

An end to tyranny and famine too

And as the flag of freedom is unfurled

We will, of course, thank Santa Claus, that’s you.

As you take food for all upon your sleigh

Please pick up all the guns while on your way.

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  1. Begona & Olivia

    Hi Martin,

    My daughter Olivia and myself (Begona) have read together Marvin the Magic Pillow (1,2 and 3) and Alan the Alien. We really enjoyed the story and the way that is written
    It is really easy for kids to follow, with easy vocabulary. Olivia, many mornings woke up saying ” my Pillow has said ,as Mavin the Magic Pillow”
    We encourage you to continue to write and wish you a lot of success
    Lets continue to enjoy with your next books. Look forward to waiting for them

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