Alan the Alien Kids Stories

Why Children’s Poetry?

Following the success of the three books in the series about Marvin, the Magic Pillow, I decided to take a break from that project and start a different one.

I really wanted to create a series that kids would enjoy, but that parents would also enjoy reading to their children. Too many books for children are pretty boring for the parents to read to them. Good parents will read them anyway of course, but I wanted to reward the parents by giving them something to smile about too.

So I have created the Amazing Animals series. This is a series of twenty six picture books, each one featuring an animal whose name starts with a different letter. The stories are quite short and in a rhyming form, with brilliant illustrations.

When I write poetry, I want it to entertain the reader. I am not interested in writing poetry that is challenging, I only want to elicit a smile from the reader. I hope that with this series I will achieve that goal.

The first book in the series, Alan the Alien is now available in ebook and paperback format from my website store. Some of my friends have told me that aliens are not animals. I beg to differ. After all, we are animals, so why wouldn’t aliens also be animals?


Alan the Alien Childrens Stories


I have put Alan the Alien in a typically human situation of visiting a zoo. Alan has some ideas of what a zoo should be, probably from books that he has read, or from what his parents have told him. Alan has a difficult day at the zoo.

I believe that stories for children should be short, colourful and amusing and I hope that you like this first book in the series. If you would like to read the second page free, just click here.

If you want to support the Project, and would like to have the whole collection of 26 books, one strange animal for each letter of the alphabet, please let me know by sending me an email.

If I have enough people interested, I will arrange a membership subscription, so you could get 2 books each month in 2017. At a discounted price of course! 🙂

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