Marvin Birth el nacimiento de Marvin

Marvin the Magic Pillow’s Birth

"Marvin the magic pillow was born in a time when pillows had more importance in the world. "


There was a time when pillows had great influence on what happened in the world. The International Pillow Conference was the single most important even in the world. Decisions were made about important things such as the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the greenhouse effect and whether or not it was ethical to continue exploiting baby ducks by using their feathers to make better pillows. But that was then and this is now.

Bankers and politicians perhaps sadly, slowly replaced the pillows. These people seemed to have a different view of the world that the pillows did and things began to steadily worsen. Most of the pillows were either destroyed or incarcerated in places like Guantanamo, never to be heard from again. But one pillow escaped, Marvin.

Marvin had always been a dreamer himself. Never one to follow the crowd, he was a free thinker. And, more importantly, he loved to help people, especially children.

Marvin’s own childhood had been normal, but he always felt that his life had something missing. He dreamt a lot. He had big dreams, but they never seemed to come true. And then, one day, he was sharing a room with his friend Marta. Marta slept with her head on Marvin and in the morning she told Marvin about her extremely vivid dreams. Slowly, as the day went by, Marta told Marvin that everything that she had dreamt about was coming true. It was then that Marvin first realized that he might have special powers.

He tested this theory on other friends and all of them reported the same curious phenomenon, their dreams came true.

Marvin knew that he must be very careful with this gift. He understood that he shouldn’t simply help his friends but he should find children with problems and try to help them as best he could.

He wanted to start close to home. He knew about a little girl called Amber who lived in the USA. Amber’s parents were separated and Amber wanted them to be together again. Marvin managed to arrive in Amber’s home and see what he could do. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now you can read about Marvin and the different ways that he can help children to deal with problems that may come up in their daily lives.

Marvin the magic pillow is fun, informative, educational, philosophical and cute as a pillow.


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